Friday, February 1, 2008


I can't hardly believe it myself! I am actually writing on my blog twice in the same week! I hope, I hope, I hope that I can keep this going like I want to. Just takes perserverance (is that the word?).

Anyway, it was sheep shearing day on the FUNNY FARM. My hubby came home early this week, surprised us by showing up Tuesday night instead of Friday night. Too cold to work outside so he came home instead. Plus he was going to come home early anyway because our sheep shearer was coming on Friday of this week to shear our first bunch of ewes. We start lambing Feb. 9th this year and many of the ewes are already bagging up (starting to get a milk bag). It is much easier for the babies to find the milk when the mama has been sheared. I took some pictures of Hillary, our friend that shears our sheep. He has sheared sheep in New Zealand, Australia and all over the US. I am just amazed that his back lets him shear for such long periods of time. Very nice man. I hope he enjoys the photos that I took and emailed to him.