Friday, February 1, 2008


I can't hardly believe it myself! I am actually writing on my blog twice in the same week! I hope, I hope, I hope that I can keep this going like I want to. Just takes perserverance (is that the word?).

Anyway, it was sheep shearing day on the FUNNY FARM. My hubby came home early this week, surprised us by showing up Tuesday night instead of Friday night. Too cold to work outside so he came home instead. Plus he was going to come home early anyway because our sheep shearer was coming on Friday of this week to shear our first bunch of ewes. We start lambing Feb. 9th this year and many of the ewes are already bagging up (starting to get a milk bag). It is much easier for the babies to find the milk when the mama has been sheared. I took some pictures of Hillary, our friend that shears our sheep. He has sheared sheep in New Zealand, Australia and all over the US. I am just amazed that his back lets him shear for such long periods of time. Very nice man. I hope he enjoys the photos that I took and emailed to him.

Monday, January 28, 2008


I know I am a little late for saying Happy New Year but better late then never right? Last year at this time I was in Heaven, okay Honolulu but it was heaven to me! I still miss it each and every day. Today I am going to start adding some pictures that I took while in HI. Especially my flower pictures. I think I took over 2000 pictures in the 30 days I was there. The first picture is one I took out of our living room window in the apartment that we lived in on the 14th floor. It is a "stitch photo", 4 pictures taken from slightly different angles and the computer software puts the photo together as one. Our window faced towards the mountain side of Oahu.
The next picture is one I believe called Hawaiian Ginger
There were NO ugly flowers in Hawaii! And last, I kept telling my DH about this beautiful little bird that I would see as I would go exploring but he hadn't seen them because apparently they don't hang around loud buildings being built. Finally one day when we were going for a walk a pretty little bird decided to make his appearance. ((FINALLY)) Aren't they beautiful?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Halloween Knitters Swap Questionaire Wish List

I joined another swap, this time a Halloween Knitting Swap
Here are the answers to the questions for the swap:
My favorite colors : I love jewel toned colors, teal, copper, red, etc.
My hobbies... knitting, hardanger,
My kitchen theme and colors.. in between stages right now. Terra cotta walls, primitive folkart, stars, animals and such
My bathroom theme and colors..purple and cream.
My dislikes.... people who can't understand why one takes their knitting projects EVERYWHERE!, other then that, I'm easy to please.
My crafts..what I like...projects well done.
My allergies... none
My favorite pets... cats
My favorite scents... light scents, I can't handle too strong of a scent.
Other stuff about me...I live on a farm, married almost 30 years. We have lots of sheep, cattle, mini horses, peacocks, I have 3 daughters, and 1 grandson. I love to learn something new every day. My favorite place in the world is Oahu, Hawaii.

Monday, August 13, 2007


I found a new swap that sounds like a lot of fun. I am going to post my answers to the swap questionnaire by early morning.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

New Blog, New Post, Soon A New Day

Well I deleted my old blog because I couldn't get MY blog, and the swap blogs I have joined, to come together on the same page. So wipe the slate clean and start over.