Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Halloween Knitters Swap Questionaire Wish List

I joined another swap, this time a Halloween Knitting Swap
Here are the answers to the questions for the swap:
My favorite colors : I love jewel toned colors, teal, copper, red, etc.
My hobbies... knitting, hardanger,
My kitchen theme and colors.. in between stages right now. Terra cotta walls, primitive folkart, stars, animals and such
My bathroom theme and colors..purple and cream.
My dislikes.... people who can't understand why one takes their knitting projects EVERYWHERE!, other then that, I'm easy to please.
My crafts..what I like...projects well done.
My allergies... none
My favorite pets... cats
My favorite scents... light scents, I can't handle too strong of a scent.
Other stuff about me...I live on a farm, married almost 30 years. We have lots of sheep, cattle, mini horses, peacocks, I have 3 daughters, and 1 grandson. I love to learn something new every day. My favorite place in the world is Oahu, Hawaii.

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