Monday, January 28, 2008


I know I am a little late for saying Happy New Year but better late then never right? Last year at this time I was in Heaven, okay Honolulu but it was heaven to me! I still miss it each and every day. Today I am going to start adding some pictures that I took while in HI. Especially my flower pictures. I think I took over 2000 pictures in the 30 days I was there. The first picture is one I took out of our living room window in the apartment that we lived in on the 14th floor. It is a "stitch photo", 4 pictures taken from slightly different angles and the computer software puts the photo together as one. Our window faced towards the mountain side of Oahu.
The next picture is one I believe called Hawaiian Ginger
There were NO ugly flowers in Hawaii! And last, I kept telling my DH about this beautiful little bird that I would see as I would go exploring but he hadn't seen them because apparently they don't hang around loud buildings being built. Finally one day when we were going for a walk a pretty little bird decided to make his appearance. ((FINALLY)) Aren't they beautiful?

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